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Junior Olympiad Math & Science (P1/P2)

Learning Objectives:

Develops critical thinking skills to prepare children for future Olympiad math and science competitions and high ability tests. The camp focuses on problem-solving skills and includes a strong combination of both IQ Math and scientific knowledge and hands-on activities to inspire and engage students n a holistic learning environment.

Fees: $560 per camp
Early Bird : $ 520 per camp (All prices are not inclusive of 8% GST)

GEP Exposure English/Math & GA Camp (P3 in 2023)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares children for optimal performance in the P3 GEP 2nd round of selection. This camp will expose students to complex Math and English components to develop their critical thinking skills in non-routine & GA questions.

Overview of the topics:

Classification skills, sequencing, spatial reasoning, logic, analogies, abstract visual reasoning and mathematical reasoning.

Fees: $960 per camp
Early Bird: $ 900 per camp (All prices are not inclusive of 8% GST)

Junior Creative Writing Camp (P2/ P3)

Learning Objectives:

Equips lower-primary students with planning and descriptive-writing strategies for school writing examinations and essay competitions. Students will learn to craft interesting story plots and replace mundane vocabulary with creative and descriptive phrases.

Fees: $560 per camp
Early bird: $520 per camp (All prices are not inclusive of 8% GST)

EOY Science Keywords Camp (P4/P5)

Learning Objectives:

This programme helps students to build up process and analytical skills. This Science Camp is designed for students to tackle varied question types by effectively integrating relevant scientific concepts. With a strong focus on gradually challenging free response questions types like experiment-based and application questions, students will master key techniques to answer these questions with greater accuracy.

Fees: $560 per camp
Early bird: $520 per camp (All prices are not inclusive of 8% GST)

EOY English Common Mistakes Camp (P4/P5/P6 – New!)

Learning Objectives:

In this camp, students will be taught how to identify and solve common mistakes found in their End Of the Year papers and PSLE papers. The camp will cover:

  • PSLE style Continuous Writing
  • Grammar MCQ / Cloze
  • Vocabulary MCQ / Cloze
  • Visual Text Comprehension
  • Editing for Spelling and Grammar
  • Cloze Passage
  • Sentence Synthesis
  • Comprehension Open-Ended

Students will be taught essential grammar rules for English, such as: Subject-verb agreement, reported speech, open-ended comprehension phrasing, spotting contextual clues, and more. These concepts are essential in getting students ready to attain AL1 for PSLE.

Fees: $560 per camp
Early bird: $520 per camp (All prices are not inclusive of 7% GST)

Junior Gifted Bilingual Camp (N1/N2 and K1/K2)

Learning Objectives:

3-in-1 module:

The best of our Shakespeare, Einstein and Da Vinci Programmes for pre-schoolers.

  • Shakespeare: English Language, Art & Humanities
  • Einstein: Mathematical Reasoning & Science
  • Da Vinci: Critical reasoning & IQ games

Chinese STEM module:

Learn Chinese in the context of STEM! Play STEM concepts in Chinese speaking environment!
Experience the best of both worlds: Chinese + STEM! Hands on activities to engage kids and make learning enjoyable.

Chinese STEM will lead kids to a series of exciting STEM topics: 奇妙的洞 Amazing Holes (Physics), 轮子的秘密 Fantastic Wheels (Physics), 头发的学问 All About Hair (Biology), 水的 故事 Water Reaction (Chemistry) and more!

Learn Chinese, enjoy it with STEM hands on activities, and use Chinese in the real-world STEM context!

Camp is conducted at Dempsey Hill (GATE Junior) | 72 Loewen Road, 2nd Floor S(248848)

Part 1 or 2 Fees: $550 ; Early Bird : $ 460 per camp (All prices are not inclusive of 8% GST) Camp

Whole day Fees : $1000 ; Early Bird : $900 (inclusive of lunch) (All prices are not inclusive of 8% GST)

Registration is open! 

Enjoy Early Bird Discount until 25 August.