Admission & Placement


There is no single test or technique can be used to identify the high ability learners.

We believe in the multiple assessment approach:

Parents' Observations

Placement Test

Teachers' Feedback

  • A placement test will be required prior to registration. Our placement test adopts the standard GATE (Gifted & Talented Education) test used in international schools for Gifted Education.
  • Three components of the test are A) abstract reasoning B) verbal C) numerical.
  • Duration of the test: 0.5 – 1.5 hrs
  • Results will be represented to parents in one week’s time, and kept confidential.
  1. You may call us at +65-6467 1369 to make an appointment for placement test, or drop us an email – we will contact you shortly to fix the appointment.
  2. Come down to our centre for placement test, and our education consultant would like to have a short discussion with you to understand your child better.
  3. We will contact you in one week’s time to offer you a suitable program for your child.
Your children may not need to go through the placement test if
  1. You have already sent your kids for assessment by any qualified psychologists, please just bring along the report when you apply for the admission.
  2. You have tested your child’s IQ, please submit the test result for the admission. Although IQ is not the single measurement of a child giftedness, we will use as an important assessment perspective.
  3. You may arrange our associated child psychologist/clinic psychologist for assessment if formal report is required.