Hard Truth Ep 3- Difference in education system between Singapore, Hong Kong & Shanghai

Hard Truth Ep 2- Can we prep a non-gifted student to get into the GEP? Why some top students didn’t pass GEP? and more!

Hard Truth Ep 1 – Featuring burning questions that most parents have regarding GEP!

GEP Story 4: So Stressed in GEP?

How will students be assessed in GEP? What are the major projects for GEP students? How do GEP students perform in PSLE and DSA?

GEP Story 3: Demystifying GEP Curriculum

What do GEP students study? What is the difference between GEP English, Math and Science from mainstream curriculum? What is a typical day of a GEP student?

GEP Story 2: Preparing for the GEP Test

How to prepare for GEP test? How to improve English, Math and General Ability Scores? Is GEP an elitist’s course?

GEP Story 1: The Most Difficult Selection Test in the World?

What is the selection process for GEP? Is it reliable? If my child has a high IQ, will he/she pass the test? What can parents do to prepare their children […]

DSA Story 2: Question Bank for Direct School Admission (DSA) Interview – Collected from real case studies

  The DSA interview may seem daunting at first, but with preparation and confidence, your child should be able to ace it. Q1. Does every school require interviews? Not all […]

DSA Story 1: Bird’s Eye View of Direct School Admission

Background information on Direct School Admission (DSA) Started in 2004, the Direct School Admission (DSA) is a process allowing students to apply for admission to secondary schools of their choice. […]

Are All Children Gifted?

  “Since gifted children are so smart, they can succeed without help”. This is just one of the many myths surrounding gifted children. You’d be surprised by the number of […]


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