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Our curriculums are developed and tested by internationally renowned institutions for Gifted Education and our subject specialist team, which have been affirmed with our strong track record (over 50% of our students being selected for GEP, John Hopkins and Stanford University’s Gifted Program for Youths).

Online Lessons by Singapore star teachers – Accelerated IB and IGCSE

At GATE, we are offering online lessons for 8-16 y.o high ability learners. Our online lessons consist of accelerated IGCSE/ IB curriculum modelled after world’s # 1 ranking IB school in Singapore.

Some of our students achieved top 2% in the region for Australian math competition, American Math Competition, Distinction for Trinity College London Communication Skill Exam, ICAS UNSW competitions and high scorers at IGCSE (Math, English and Science for 16 yo) at the age of 14.
For Grade 1 to Grade 12:

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