Courses Overview

GATE English (3 to 15 years old)

Accelerated module: Based on our English language art syllabus at an accelerated learning pace, students will focus on critical reading skills required by IB/IGCSE

Milestones: Trinity GESE graded exam, Pearson graded reading exam, MAP English reading test, early completion of IB/IGCSE

Gifted module: Integrated with humanities subjects such as History, Current Affairs, and Political Science, high-ability learners will develop advanced writing skills needed for authorship.

Milestone: Book publication, essay competitions

GATE Math (3 to 15 years old)

Accelerated module: Students who have exceptional mathematical talents will study an advanced Math syllabus that accelerates their IB/IGCSE.

Milestones:  Early completion of IGCSE and IB

Gifted module: Aimed to help our students excel in local and international Maths competitions, our learners will master higher level mathematic reasoning and complex problem solving skills.

Milestones:  We enroll our students in prestigious  international competitions and assessments, ICAS (only selected HK top primary schools participated), American Math Competition,  Australian Math Competition, Johns Hopkins University CTY Talent Search.

English Oral & Public Speaking (3 to 15 years old)

Accelerated module: Develop outstanding public speaking skills and prepare students for a wide range of context required by international exams

Milestones: Trinity College of London Communication Skill Graded Exam, Schools Speech Festival

Gifted module: Students will gain a high level of confidence and interact with people at different levels and at large scale international public speaking events, competitions and debating contest.

Competition Prep Camps (P1 to P6 Students)

Our competition prep camps provide students additional academic exposure to global competitions such as: Public Speaking, Science Olympiad, English Essay Writing, Australian and American Mathematics Competitions.