Admission Tests

At GATE Hong Kong, we aim to stretch the potential of our learners. Prior to enrollment, they will have to complete a set of admission tests. A review session will then provided be to parents to recommend suitable learning tracks for their child and the range of enrichment courses available.

To measure mathematical and English abilities of K-12 students

  • Developed by GATE using high ability Asian students data built over more than 10,000 sample size.
  • Benchmarking test based on Singapore Education standard (world top three for reading, mathematics and problem solving skills by PISA).

To measure nonverbal abilities of K-12 students

  • Developed by Pearson Accredited by New York City Education Department Designated selection test for Gifted Education Programme in NYC
  • Scope of the test: 1. Pattern Completion 2. Reasoning by Analogy 3. Serial Reasoning 4. Spatial Visualisation

To measure verbal, quantitative and figural reasoning skills

  • SAGES-2 used in identifying gifted students K-8 Reliability coefficients ranging from 0.77-0.95
HK Admission Test

Placement Test

There is no single test or technique that can be used to identify high ability learners. We believe in the multiple assessment approach:

Parents' Observations

Placement Test

Teachers' Feedback

Your children may not need to go through the placement test if
  1. You have already sent your child for assessment conducted by any qualified psychologists, please just bring along the report when you apply for admission.
  2. You have tested your child’s IQ through an IQ test, please submit the test result for admission purpose. Although IQ is not the single measurement of a child giftedness, we will use the report as an important assessment criteria.
  3. You may arrange an appointment with our associated child psychologist/clinic psychologist for assessment if formal report is required.