Back by popular demand, we are offering a series of DSA camps – DSA interview camp, English and Science camps during this March holiday. We will help you prepare your children adequately for their DSAs. Besides DSA camps, we have our signature camps, such as the academically challenging GEP Camp (Math & GA, English & GA), SASMO (new!), SMOPS (new!) and KMC Intermediate training camps for those aiming to excel in this year’s Math Olympiad competitions.

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GEP- Math & GA, English & GA Camp (P3)

Learning Objectives:

Develops critical thinking skills and prepare children for P3 GEP Math, English and General Ability tests.  The camp will cover key mathematical reasoning concepts such as classification skills, sequencing, spatial reasoning & abstract visual reasoning. Students will hone their reading skills in challenging comprehension texts and cloze passages. This intensive camp also aims to expose students to a good range of Math & English general ability questions.

Fees: $960 (w/o GST) per camp (16 hours)

Junior Olympiad Math & Science Camp (P1 / P2)

Learning Objectives:

Prepare children for SASMO Competition in April. March Camp focuses on the concepts and methods required to excel at SASMO – Singapore and Asia Schools Math Olympiad. Topics to be covered including: Number sense, Geometry, Systematic counting, Heuristics, and Model drawing etc.

Fees: $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

Intermediate Olympiad Math Camp - (P3 / P4)

Learning Objectives:

Develops critical thinking skills to prepare children for Olympiad math competitions and high ability tests. March Camp focuses on the intensive training for world’s largest math competition -Kangaroo Math Competition.  Topics to be covered including: Number sense, Model drawing, Heuristics, Systematic counting.

Fees: $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

SMOPS Camp (P5 / P6)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares students for SMOPS Competition (Math competition organised by Hwa Chong Institution). Topics to be covered including : Combinatorics, Elementary number theory, Geometry, Algebra, and Fractions etc.

Fees: $600 (w/o GST) per camp (10 hours)

DSA Interview Camp (P5 / P6)

Prepares students for the Direct School Admission (DSA) Interviews. They will be exposed to scenarios that they might encounter during the interview sessions. This will instill confidence in them to face any challenging interview questions.

Overview of the topics:

  • Crafting the answers to the routine and non-routine interview questions (a list of questions will be provided).
  • How to create impression and impact
  • Crisis management during DSA interview
  • Interview Techniques
  • Rehearsal, Rehearsal, and Rehearsal (simulated panel interviews)

Fees: $600 (w/o GST) per camp (10 hours)

DSA Science Camp (P4 / P5 / P6)

Learning Objectives:

Students will be exposed to DSA science topics such as periodic table, astrophysics, atom structure, gene technology, health science, earth science, current technology and experimental techniques etc ranging from biology, physics to chemistry. This camp will help students get ready for science competitions and DSA science subject test.

Fees: $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

DSA English Camp (P4 / P5 / P6)

Learning Objectives:

Students will be equipped with the necessary techniques to manage sophisticated comprehension articles and complexity in essay writing and get ready for DSA English test.

Preparation for students includes :

  • Critical response writing skills (Visual stimulus-based/poetry analysis writing/ perspective writing/persuasive writing/expository writing)
  • Literary approach based on selected literature pieces

This will in turn help students  gain exposure to DSA English Subject Test which includes International & Local Language competitions.

Fees: $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

Junior Gifted Bilingual Camp (N1-N2 ; K1-K2)

Learning Objectives:

3-in-1 module:

The best of our Shakespeare, Einstein and Da Vinci Programmes for pre-schoolers.

  • Shakespeare: English Language, Art & Humanities
  • Einstein: Mathematical Reasoning & Science
  • Da Vinci: Critical reasoning & IQ games

Chinese STEM module:

Learn Chinese in the context of STEM! Play STEM concepts in Chinese speaking environment! Experience the best of both worlds: Chinese + STEM! Hands on activities to engage kids and make learning enjoyable.

Chinese STEM will lead kids to a series of exciting STEM topics: 奇妙的洞 Amazing Holes (Physics), 轮子的秘密 Fantastic Wheels (Physics), 头发的学问 All About Hair (Biology), 水的故事 Water Reaction (Chemistry) and more!

Learn Chinese, enjoy it with STEM hands on activities, and use Chinese in the real-world STEM context!

Fees: $1000 (w/o GST) per camp (16 hours with free lunch)

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