Holiday Camps


The year-end school holiday is always a good time for the children to review challenging concepts, be enriched with new knowledge and have fun! We have lined up a series of exciting and stimulating holiday activities to engage your child to the fullest from 20 November to 29 December. Our action-packed STEM Camp is back with more exciting activities to ensure your child stay engaged, active and happy during the year-end school holiday.

Back by popular demand, we are offering our popular GEP and PSLE courses for those who are gearing up for the rigour of the new school year. We have also put together a P1 Head Start Camp specially for students who will be starting their first year of formal school in 2019.

Gifted Camps


Junior Gifted Camp (N1- N2 in 2018; K1-K2 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

The best of our Shakespeare, Einstein and Da Vinci programmes for pre-schoolers.

Shakespeare: English Language Arts & Humanities

Einstein: Mathematical Reasoning & Science

Da Vinci: IQ stretcher, general knowledge, visual and spatial reasoning

Junior Olympiad Math and Science Camp (P1/2 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

Develops critical thinking skills to prepare children for future Olympiad math and science competitions and high ability tests. The camp focuses on problem-solving skills and includes a strong combination of both IQ Math and Science components to engage children in a holistic learning environment.

Head Start – English & Math Camp (P1 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

Equips students with exceptional English and Mathematics foundation skillsets to excel in the first year of formal school. This camp focuses on the understanding of various comprehension strategies, application of grammar rules and exposure to a good set of vocabulary through current affairs. In addition, this camp will also guide students through techniques to solve challenging word problems and expose students to key problem-solving tools like model drawing and “guess and check” method.

English Creative Writing Camp (Junior / Senior)

Learning Objectives:

Prepare students for essay writing competitions such as Queen’s Commonwealth Essay competition and PSLE composition examination. Students will learn how to develop their own storyline and use advanced writing techniques to craft out original stories as writers.

GEP Math & GA Camp (P3 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

Develops critical thinking skills and prepare children for P3 GEP Math and General Ability tests.

Overview of the topics:

Classification skills, sequencing, spatial reasoning, logic, analogies, mathematical and verbal reasoning.

NMOS Prep Camp (P5 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares children for NMOS Competition (Math competition organized by NUS High School).

DSA Interview Camp (P6 in 2019)

Prepares students for the Direct School Admission (DSA) interviews. They will be exposed to scenarios they may encounter during the DSA interview sessions. This will instil confidence in them as they face any challenging interview scenarios.

Overview of the topics:

  • Crafting the answers to the routine and non-routine interview questions (a list of questions will be provided).
  • How to create impression and impact
  • Crisis management during DSA interview
  • Interview Techniques
  • Rehearsal, Rehearsal, and Rehearsal (simulated panel interviews)

SMOPS Camp (P6 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares students for SMOPS Competition (Math competition organised by Hwa Chong Institution)

PSLE English & Oral Camp (P6 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

This intensive camp focuses on preparing students for the PSLE English paper 2 based on common mistakes made in the grammar, vocabulary and editing sections. This camp will also equip students with strategies to tackle the different kinds of questions in the open-ended comprehension section.

This camp will also prepare students for stimulus-based conversation and oral reading based on PSLE English Oral Examination format. Students will learn powerful techniques to develop valid opinions and deliver accurate responses to the examiner.

PSLE Math Camp (P6 in 2019)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares students for optimal performance in the PSLE Math paper. The camp will expose students to complex Math components to develop their critical thinking skills, and students will be equipped with strategies to tackle more challenging questions.


Registration is open so do book early to get your preferred slots. Together, we hope to make the June holidays enriching and meaningful for your child!

Send us your enquiry for June Holiday Camps today! You can also call us at 6467 1369 / 6438 0062.