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GATE- Gifted and Talented Education Singapore
GEP DSA Parenting Talk
The only GEP DSA Parenting Webinar for 2024. Limited slots available so hurry!
Join us on 6 March (Wed) 2024, 7:30pm for online parenting talk and learn all about Gifted Education Program (GEP) and Direct School Admission (DSA)!


  • New direction for GEP
  • IQ 130 as pre-requisite for GEP?
  • GEP Math = Olympiad Math?
  • Is GEP the shortcut to top IP schools?

There are many Myths of GEP (Gifted Education Programme) which perplex many parents from time to time. Our directors will share the experience and useful tips about GEP based on real life case studies. They will address the following:

  • Can Giftedness be trained?
  • How is the GEP selection process like? Is it reliable? Do I need to prepare my children for GEP test?
  • What do GEP pupils learn? Is it very demanding? Will it affect my child’s PSLE result?
  • Is GEP still the shortcut to the top secondary schools?


  • Avoid the common mistakes most parents
  • Is Math Olympiad the only way to DSA
  • Route to DSA through English, Science, and leadership
  • New direction for DSA
  • Real life case studies and blue ocean strategies

DSA is getting more and more popular in the recent years. It’s THE way to manage the risk of PSLE, and provides an alternative path for children. Over the past 10 years, many GATE Alumni have achieved success at DSA to their dream IP schools, mainly RI, HCI, RGS, NYGH, NUSH. During our parenting talk, our directors will address the following:

  • Who should apply for DSA?
  • Which school and system (A level/IB) is suitable for my child?
  • How will the MOE’s new direction of DSA affect my child’s application?
  • Which DSA domain to apply? English, Science, or leadership?
  • How do IP schools assess candidates? School results? Achievement in competitions?
  • IP school selection process? Subject tests? Camps? Interviews?
  • Why was national top ranking Math Olympiad’s DSA candidate rejected by the top schools?
  • How to better your DSA odds?

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