Programs Overview


Our curriculums are developed and tested by internationally renowned institutions for Gifted Education and our subject specialist team, which have been affirmed with our strong track record (over 50% of our students being selected for GEP, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University’s Gifted Program for Youths).

Programs for High Ability Preschoolers (3-6 years old)

This series of programs caters to preschools. We have incorporated new and exciting curriculums as an extension to our High Ability English and High Ability programs with the purpose of creating an enriched and holistic preschool education.

1. Shakespeare Program
  • Accelerated English Language Arts
  • Integrated Humanities (History, Arts, Sociology, Literature, Philosophy, Geography)
2. Einstein Program
  • Advanced Mathematics and Perceptual Reasoning (Visual/Spatial/Logical)
  • Integrated Science and Engineering (Physics, Biology, Life Science, Chemistry)
3. Da Vinci Program
  • Flexible, Analytical, Elaborative and Conceptual Thinking Skills
  • To improve cognitive ability and stretching IQ by 10 points
4. English Oral & Public Speaking Program
  • Focus on Leadership and Oral Communication skills
  • Current Affairs round table discussion
  • Negotiation, presentation and interview skills
High Ability Math Program (Primary 1-6, 7-15 years old)

We adopt an above-level approach in our curriculum design to stretch the gifted minds. Both gifted education math and Olympiad math modules are incorporated into our curriculum. Math General Ability component (Visual/Spatial, Sequence, Patterns, Logic, non-routine problems)  is covered in the gifted math program to prepare our children for GEP and DSA test.
We prepare students for four major Olympiad math competitions organized by Raffles Institution, NUS High School, Hwa Chong Institution and Anglo-Chinese School Independent.

High Ability English Program (Primary 1-6, 7-15 years old)

We incorporated gifted education curriculum into the Singapore core curriculum with sophisticated teaching strategies catered to advanced learners. Ability based accerelation path is customised for our high ability children.  This program prepare our children for GEP and DSA test.

High Ability Science Program (Primary 1-6, 7-15 years old)

GATE Science programme prepares students for both school exams PSLE AL1 and DSA science subject test which goes beyond the PSLE syllabus. Our specially designed PSLE key-words drill book focused on exam techniques and will enable students to score well in any school science examination. In addition to the PSLE science syllabus, we enrich our curriculum with additional modules at an advanced level (chemistry, biology and physics) to cater to the DSA science subject test and various science competitions.

English Oral and Public Speaking
(Interview, Public Speaking, Presentation)

We have effective training programmes that will train our children in public speaking and impromptu talks, EMC and role plays in building their confidence and content as they make that important presentation and speech.
We will regularly invite distinguished speakers and CEOs of listed companies and enterprises to conduct master classes, motivate our students and to share their experiences in presentation and public speaking.
We prepare students for DSA (Direct School Admission) Interviews and scholarship interviews.

GATE META Class | New GATE Programme
• All-in-one META Class for High Ability Children Ages 5-7 year olds
• META Classes covers Coding + Robotics + Engineering
• Incubator for future technopreneurs
• Available in Junior and Senior level
• Small class size of 8-10 students