Public Speaking & Interview Skills

English Oral and Public Speaking   (Grade 1-8)
  • Communication Skills & Leadership Training
  • Project Presentation, School Debate Team, Public Speaking Competitions, Leadership interview, DSA Interview, English Oral Exam

An integral part of our mission is to enable our students to possess both academic and important life skills that will give our young and future leaders a winning edge.

Our practical and creative curriculums in public speaking will prepare the students for ceremonial and impromptu presentations, effective negotiation skills and to become future “TED Talk” presenters. Such trainings are very useful towards meeting the new requirements of the oral examination format, project presentation, interviews for Direct School Admission (DSA), university and scholarship applications and sometimes “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Students and parents will be invited to our “CEO Forum for Future Leaders”. Our students will take leadership position to host, lead a panel discussion or conduct joint presentations with CEOs of listed companies and prominent corporate leaders to improve their confidence and competence of public speaking.

We will also share the shift in emphasis and format by MOE on the oral examination and DSA interview requirements, and our Teenage Programme for both lower and upper secondary students to be aware and sensitive to major current affair issues, understand the impacts and to express their opinions in preparing them to excel in their oral examinations and leadership roles.

Our Academic panel and trainers have very strong corporate experience and credentials, several whom are successful entrepreneurs, experienced corporate leaders and senior media trainers. Our creative and comprehensive curriculums will prepare the students for the following:

  • Ceremonial and impromptu presentations
  • Negotiation skills
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Executive summary and feedback skills
  • Managing a group discussion
Important Applications of Communication Skills

While we have been taught that the “pen is mightier than the sword”, we would like our students to know that a mouth can be mightier than the pen. Our students will discover how they can actually “win with words” in both their academic and social life by applying what they have learnt.

Academic Benefits                            Life Skills
• Oral Exam                                           • Hosting an important family event
• Project presentation                         • Making speech on an important occasion
• Leadership opportunities                • Moving out of a difficult situation
• Interviews (DSA, Scholarships)        • Making that important elevator pitch

Awards & Certifications

As part of our collaboration with Trinity College, London, our students can enroll for the graded examinations from Foundation (Grades 1-3), Intermediate (Grades 4-5) and Advanced (Grades 6-8) and be finally awarded the Professional Certificates in communication skills.

Specially designed for:

Students who are motivated to improve communication skills, participate in school project presentation, join school debate team, and prepare for DSA interview

It prepares students for:

  • Challenging English Oral Exam, project presentation
  • Competitions and Performance (Public Speaking Competition, Debate)
  • DSA via Talent in Public Speaking/Debate/Leadership
  • School Interviews (Leadership role interview, DSA Interview)
  • Trinity College of London Graded Exam 1-8
Creative Writing Programme® (Grade 1-8)

Writing is a crucial element in the English curriculum. When your children write well, they have mastered the following skills:

  • Impact the rest of their lives
  • Invaluable life skills throughout their school life
  • Improves not just their English but all other English subjects

It prepares students for:

  • Trinity College of London Graded Exam 1-8