Academic Panel


Our academic panel and trainers have very strong corporate experience and credentials, several whom are successful entrepreneurs and prominent corporate leaders. They are in the best position to understand the importance of excellent academic achievements and life skill like public speaking and presentation.

Mr Chng Hock Huat was  the  winner  of  the  ASME  Entrepreneur  of  the  Year  2004.  He  founded Opentech  Corporation  in  1998  which  was  acquired  by  Keane  Inc.,  a  billion  dollar  IT service  company  listed  on  the  NYSE  in  2006.  He  was  appointed  the  CEO  of  Keane Inc.  Asia,  between  2006  to  2010,  as  part  of  a  global  organization  with  over  13,000 employees. Mr  Chng  was  awarded  the  Public  Service  Medal  (PBM)  award  in  2016  by  the President of Singapore for his contributions to the local community as Vice-Chairman of the Citizen Consultative Committee & Community Club Management Community. As Vice-Chairman of the Nanyang CC grassroots organization since 2008, Mr Chng is involved in start-ups, pro bono projects in schools including Nanyang Girls’ High. He is  regularly  invited  to  present  in  both  business  and  government  seminars,  and  is responsible for bridging both the academic and life skills of our gifted children.

Ms Claudia Yu,

Claudia was awarded the MOE undergraduate scholarship to study Business Administration (major in Finance) and graduated with a First Class Honours from National University of Singapore. She has received the prestigious Swiss Bank Gold medal, Dean’s List, Forex Book  Prize during her undergraduate study for being the top scorer in finance and banking courses. After working in the corporate finance field specialising in IPO and M&A for more than ten years, Claudia has discovered her true passion in gifted education. Four of her children have been admitted to Singapore Gifted Education Programme and Mensa junior. She has done her post-graduate study in “Gifted Education Practice”, after which she founded Gifted & Talented Education. Claudia has been invited to give talks about “Gifted Children and their education path” to Mensa Junior member parents, and was interviewed by Singapore’s national newspaper, The Straits Times, and various parenting magazine to speak on the topic of gifted education. She is also an independent director of SGX listed company Sen Yue Holdings Limited.

Dr Fang Ning was  awarded  the  NTU  scholarship  to  pursue  her  Ph.D.  degree  in  2000. She  was  also  an  awardee  of  the  first  batch  of  Singapore  Millennium  Pre-doctoral Fellowship  in  2002  and  Millennium  Post-doctoral  Fellowship  in  2003.  Singapore Millennium  Fellowship  (SMF)  is  a  highly  prestigious  honour  awarded  only  to  the top 1% researchers in selected areas from NUS, NTU and Research Institute. Dr.  Fang  is  the  only  one  who  got  both  pre-doctoral  and  post-doctoral  fellowship and  published  quite  a  number  of  high  quality  research  papers  in  well-known international journals. As a gifted learner and scholar herself, Dr Fang understands the  learning  desire  and  unique  thinking  process  of  gifted  learners.  Dr  Fang  is  the co-founder  of  Gifted  &  Talented  Education,  and  specializes  in  gifted  education programme development.

Mr Wilson Lin is an established master trainer and corporate motivation speaker. He is  the  CEO/Founder  of  Doers  Group,  Doers  Business  Institution  and  the  Chinese Business School for Entrepreneurs. He  is  also  the  distinguished  Chair  Professor  of  the  HSBC  Business  School  in  Beijing and  Director  of  the  prestigious  Chinese  Training  Development  Association.  Wilson has  been  named  the  “TOP  10  Chinese  Trainer  in  China”,  “TOP  10  Asian  Corporate Trainers” and “Annual Outstanding Trainer in China” and was on the Cambridge List of   the   “Most   Distinguished   Chinese   People   in   the   World”   and   has   donated generously to many charity causes.

Dr Rosemary Cathcart is a passionate advocate of a holistic approach to gifted education which supports gifted children in coping with their different social/emotional responses as well as in the development of their abilities. She is director of REACH Education which in 2017 won the USA National Association’s Professional Development Network Award. Rosemary founded and led New Zealand’s first gifted education centre for a decade before choosing to focus on professional development. She has served on a Ministerial Working Party on Gifted Education and on various Ministry panels and contracts in gifted education, published books and papers on teaching gifted children, presented at numerous conferences and served as national president of the New Zealand Gifted Association.2010,  “Differentiation  Made  Practical”  and “Gifted  Programming  Made  Practical”,  both  selling  in  the  UK,  Australia  and  New Zealand.