GEP & DSA Programme


We develop subject talents in Mathematics, English, Science, writing, public speaking and debate. Send us your details and we’ll find the subject that suits your child best.



Our rigorous curriculum at P4-P6 covers both PSLE syllabus at an accelerated pace and DSA subject talent module which will enable students to cope well with DSA subject test.


Our programmes for high-ability children are below.  Click on a programme to find out more.

High Ability Math

  • Mathematical Reasoning module enables students to solve complex problems by using investigation and reasoning skills
  • Math General Ability module (Visual/Spatial, Sequence, Patterns, Logic & Non-Routine problems) developed based on GEP, DSA and other high ability test requirements
  • Prepares students for both math competitions and school exams (PSLE, GEP Exam & DSA)

High Ability English

  • Critical reading module enhance student’s comprehension and close passage skills through intensive reading, analysis of passages and application of strategies
  • Structured writing module with a focus on advanced writing techiniques
  • Integrated Humanities module
  • Enable students to excel in school exams (PSLE, GEP Exams & DSA) and prepare students for competitions (Common Wealth Essay Competitions, UNSW English Language)

High Ability Science

  • Science core module covers key topics of MOE Syllabus in an accelerated manner
  • Science enrichment module integrates competition science module for high ability learners with a focus on conceptual learning and processing skills
  • Prepares students to manage challenging questions in school exams (PSLE, GEP Exam & DSA), excel in Science competitions (Olympiad Science & Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award)


  • GEP English + GEP Math + General Ability (English and Math)
  • DSA English Subject Talent Development
  • DSA Math Subject Talent Development
  • DSA Interview

Holiday Programmes

A series of exciting and stimulating holiday activities have been lined up to engage your child to the fullest during the holidays. Our action-packed courses are all designed with our high-ability learners in mind, ensuring that they are engaged meaningfully throughout the term breaks.

Signup for May June Camp: https://www.gifted-school.com/june-camps/

  • Junior Olympiad
  • Junior Gifted
  • GEP Prep
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • DSA Prep
  • PSLE Revision

High Ability Preschool

Founded by a team of early childhood education specialists and gifted education practitioners, GATE Junior is the first Preschool Programme in Singapore, with an in-house talent  development programme.

Talent Development Programme

  • Shakespeare (English language and Humanities)
  • Einstein (Mathematical reasoning and Science)
  • Da Vinci (IQ enhancement)

Pre-enrolment Student Profiling Assessment

To understand the student’s learning profile, discover and harness the unique gift of each child

International School Class

  • We aim to stretch our student’s thinking abilities, expose them to complex problem solving skills, and learn beyond their regular school curriculum.
  • Our programme (Gifted Math) prepares international school high ability students for globally renowned math competitions like the Australian Math Competition, American Math Competition-8, ICAS, SCAT and SAT Math (above grade test), school acceleration/GATE test, as well as international talent search programme (i.e. Johns Hopkins University, Centre for Talented Youth).
  • Our GATE International Class tracks the international school calendar such that our term schedule is closely aligned with international school calendars, such that parents do not need to worry about conflicting holiday schedules.


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