GEP Prep Camp 2024 -1st Round

1st Round GEP Mock Test and Review Camp

This camp will expose your child to critical thinking and abstract reasoning exercises based on the GEP English Language and Mathematics papers. GEP camp is the next step to help him/her in the upcoming GEP Round 1 (Selection Test) in August.
  • Critical reading exercises for English, Complex problem solving for GEP Math
  • Exposure for both GEP English and GEP Math Mock Test Papers (Headstart for Round 1 GEP)
  • Mock Test: Starting on 23 to 30 July (Total: 3 hours)
  • Review Classes: 4 and 11 August (Sunday) | 9:30am to 12:00noon (Total: 5 hours)
*Existing student at Gifted and Talented Education

Fees (for total 8 hours):
Non GATE students: $720/ before GST
GATE students: $520/ before GST
Venue: Bukit Timah Plaza/ Katong V Mall

Call/ WhatsApp:
9667 0642 / 9278 3343
Email: enquiry@gifted-school.com