High Ability Science

GATE Science Programme® – Primary 3-6

Our GATE Science programme
GATE Science programme prepares students for both school exams (PSLE A* and GEP stream exams) and the DSA science subject test which goes beyond the PSLE syllabus. Our specially designed PSLE key-words drill book focused on exam techniques and will enable students to score well in any school science examination. In addition to the PSLE science syllabus, we enrich our curriculum with additional modules at an advanced level (chemistry, biology and physics) to cater to the DSA science subject test and various science competitions.

Programme Scope:
  • Core Module – Covers key topics in the MOE Syllabus in an accelerated manner, focus on PSLE key words drills
  • Enrichment Module – Integrated competition science and DSA subject test module for high ability Learners. Combined science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) will be integrated into enrichment module
Specially designed for:

High ability learners who need an enriched science curriculum beyond school syllabus.
It prepares students for:

  • Challenging questions in school exams (including GEP classes) and PSLE
  • Science competitions
  • DSA Science Subject Test