High Ability Science

GATE Science Programme® – Primary 1-6
Programme Scope:
  • Core Content –  60% – The core module covers key topics in the MOE Syllabus in an accelerated manner
  • Enrichment Content – 40% – In our enrichment module, we integrate competition science module for high ability Learners. Enrichment module hones conceptual learning, processing skills and critical learning ability development

Our GATE Science programme
We believe in fostering a passion for Science through hands-on experiments (i.e. gears, circuits, microscope, magnet, light reflection set, chain reaction set, gravity maze) in the early years. This will lead to a strong foundation in Science and will guide the student to further branches of Science, be it biology, chemistry or physics.

The GATE Science Programme will provide high ability learners the necessary skills to be in the top percentile in the area of Science. This programme is designed for high ability children who wish to take on a challenging Science curriculum to hone their knowledge of Science in areas such as conceptual learning, processing skills and the development of critical thinking ability.

With the Science Programme, our students will be equipped with the expertise to achieve success in prestigious Science competitions, such as the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award and the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad.

Overview of the P1-P5 Syllabus topics covered (Updated):
Specially designed for:

High ability learners who need an enriched science curriculum beyond school syllabus.
It prepares students for:

  • Challenging questions in school exams (including GEP classes) and PSLE
  • Science competitions (Olympiad Science, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award)
  • DSA via Science as subject talent
  • Future research work in science