International School Gifted Class


GATE is a proven education specialist for differentiated programmes catered to high-ability learners and gifted students.  Over the years, we have received overwhelming demand from parents of high-ability children from international schools like the UWC, Singapore American School, Australian School, Canadian School, Dulwich, Stamford American School and many more. We have witnessed many international school high-ability learners being nurtured and inspired by our programmes, and have gone on to excel in various international competitions and awarded scholarships from prestigious institutions.

A few special features that we have designed for International Gifted class (Gifted Math)

1) We aim to stretch our student’s thinking abilities, expose them to complex problem solving skills, and learn beyond their regular school curriculum.

2) Our programme (Gifted Math) prepares international school high ability students for globally renowned math competitions like the Australian Math Competition, American Math Competition-8, ICAS, SCAT and SAT Math (above grade test), school acceleration/GATE test, as well as international talent search programme (i.e. Johns Hopkins University, Centre for Talented Youth).

3) Our GATE International Class tracks the international school calendar such that our term schedule is closely aligned with international school calendars, such that parents do not need to worry about conflicting holiday schedules.

Moreover, this advanced-track curriculum will definitely fulfil their hunger for learning and optimise their full potential. With a well-structured curriculum, the class will provide space for our students to learn and grow well beyond their same-aged peers.

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