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Junior Gifted Camp (N1-N2 ; K1-K2)

Learning Objective:

3-in-1 module:

  • The best of our Shakespeare, Einstein and Da Vinci Programmes for pre-schoolers. o Shakespeare: English Language, Art & Humanities
    o Einstein: Mathematical Reasoning & Science
    o Da Vinci: Critical reasoning & IQ games

Chinese STEM module:

  • Learn Chinese in the context of STEM! Play STEM concepts in Chinese speaking environment! Experience the best of both worlds: Chinese + STEM! Hands on activities to engage kids and make learning enjoyable.
  • Chinese STEM will lead kids to a series of exciting STEM topics: 奇妙的洞 Amazing Holes (Physics), 轮子的秘密 Fantastic Wheels (Physics), 头发的学问 All About Hair (Biology), 水的故事 Water Reaction (Chemistry) and more!
  • Learn Chinese, enjoy it with STEM hands on activities, and use Chinese in the real-world STEM context!

Camp: Part 1 or 2 Fees: $460 (early bird); $550 (w/o GST) per camp

Camp: Whole day Fees: $900 (early bird); $1000 (w/o GST) per camp (16 hours with free lunch)

Junior Olympiad Math & Science (P1/ P2)

Learning Objective:

Develops critical thinking skills to prepare children for future Olympiad math and science competitions and high ability tests. Science education activities help to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world. The camp focuses on problem-solving skills and includes a strong combination of both IQ Math and Science components to engage children in a holistic learning environment.

Target/ Foundation for:

  • Kangaroo Math Competition G1/2
  • Australian Math Competition (middle primary level)
  • Johns Hopkins University CTY selection at G2
  • Olympiad Science (lower primary)
  • ICAS UNSW Math and Science competition

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

Junior Creative Writing (P1/ P2)

Equips lower-primary students with planning and descriptive-writing strategies for school writing examinations and essay competitions. Students will learn to craft interesting story plots and replace mundane vocabulary with creative and descriptive phrases.

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

Junior English Oral + Public Speaking Camp (P1/P2/P3)

Research shows that having to speak in public ranks high on many people’s list of fears. This camp aims to help your child take steps towards overcoming that fear. They will learn techniques on how to calm those butterflies in the stomach, how to write an impromptu speech and how to present a short speech with confidence. They will also have developed basic skills on research, critical thinking and writing speeches to suit their own voice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. breathing and preparation tips to cope with nerves
  2. research techniques before writing a script
  3. elements of good speech writing
  4. presentation skills; how to improve body language, eye contact, tone, volume, pronunciation & enunciation


  • Foundation for Trinity College London Communication Skills Exam G1/2
  • Prepare students for leadership roles in schools

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

GEP Math & English (P3)

Learning Objective:

The camp will cover key mathematical reasoning concepts such as classification skills, sequencing, and other abstract reasoning. Students will hone their reading skills in challenging comprehension texts and cloze passages.

Fees: $900 (early bird); $960 (w/o GST) per camp (16 hours)

AMC Camp - Intermediate (P3/ P4) and AMC Camp - Advanced (P5/ P6)

Learning Objective:

Prepares children for Australian Math Competition (World’s largest school-based Math competition held internationally).

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

NMOS Camp (P4/P5/P6)

Learning Objective:

Prepares children for NMOS Competition (Math competition organised by NUS High School) preliminary round.

NMOS Round 1 Part 1 camp will cover the following topics:

  • 1) Fraction, ratio, percentage 2) Average 3) Speed 4) Heuristics

NMOS Round 1 Part 2 camp will cover the following topics:

  • 1) Area & perimeter 2) Angles 3) Number theory 4) Counting

Fees: $570 (early bird); $600 (w/o GST) per camp (10 hours)

Essay Competition Prep (P4/ P5/ P6) - New!

Learning Objective:

Students will learn the necessary skills to effectively communicate ideas and information through clear and concise writing. Through the process of learning and practising expository writing, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to research, analyse and present information in a logical and organised manner, while engaging the reader with a compelling and informative essay.

Not only will students gain exposure to different writing styles, they will also write an essay for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition. This will help build their portfolio for the Direct School Admission (DSA).

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

PSLE English Revision (P6)

Learning Objective:

This intensive camp focuses on preparing students for the PSLE English paper 2 based on common mistakes made in the grammar, vocabulary and editing sections. This camp will also equip students with strategies to tackle the different kinds of questions in the open-ended comprehension section.

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

PSLE Math Revision (P6)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares students for optimal performance in the PSLE Math paper. The camp will expose students to complex Math components to develop their critical thinking skills, and students will be equipped with strategies to tackle more challenging questions.

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

PSLE Science Revision (P6)

Learning Objectives:

This PSLE AL1 driven camp focuses on helping students craft structured and comprehensive answers to challenging questions in the Science paper. Keyword drills and effective question analysis skills will enable students to score in the open-ended section.

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560 (w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

DSA Science (P5/ P6)

Learning Objective:

Students will be exposed to DSA science topics such as periodic table, astrophysics, atom structure, gene technology etc ranging from biology, physics to chemistry. This camp will help students get ready for science competitions and DSA science subject test.

Fees: $520 (early bird); $560(w/o GST) per camp (8 hours)

DSA Interview (P5/ P6)

Prepares students for the Direct School Admission (DSA) interview. They will be exposed to scenarios they may encounter during the DSA interview sessions. This will instill confidence in them as they face challenging interview scenarios.

Overview of the topics:

  • Crafting the answers to the routine and non-routine interview questions (a list of questions will be provided).
  • How to create impression and impact
  • Crisis management during DSA interview
  • Interview Techniques
  • Rehearsal, Rehearsal, and Rehearsal (simulated panel interviews)Fees: $570 (early bird); $600 (w/o GST) per camp (10 hours)
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