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GEP DSA Webinar

Gain insights on GEP test and DSA election.

Over the past 8 years, many GATE Alumni have achieved success at DSA to their dream IP schools, mainly RI, HCI, RGS, NYGH, NUSH. During our online GEP DSA talk, our directors will address the following:

All about GEP

  • New direction for GEP
  • IQ 130 as pre-requisite for GEP?
  • GEP Math = Olympiad Math?
  • Can Giftedness be trained?

All about DSA

  • DSA via English, Science, and leadership
  • A level or IB? IP or O level? Which school system is suitable for my child?
  • How do IP schools assess candidates? School results is more important than achievement in competitions?
  • Why was national top ranking Math Olympiad DSA candidate rejected by the top schools?
GATE GEP & DSA Parenting Talk Online – 29 May 2020

Thank you for the overwhelming response and turnout for our GEP and DSA Parenting Talk held on 29 May 2020! We hope you had gained valuable insights and tips for DSA & GEP from our experienced expert panel! We would also like to extend our appreciation for doing your part for charity as all proceeds from our ticketing have been donated to www.giving.sg.


新加坡狮城椰子 2019-09-25
新加坡是个崇尚精英教育的社会 对于天才的追求 已经到了极致……
除了广为人知的小学GEP天才班 现在竟然还出现了天才幼儿园?!

在幼儿园的介绍中 GATE号称自己是“师从” 新加坡著名的小学天才班项目GEP
励志为更小的天才们 提供适合他们节奏的课程和活动
综合人文课,双语的STEM 演讲和谈判,“达芬奇”

GATE Gives Back – Free P6 Math Intensive Revision Camp

We held a free P6 Math Intensive Revision camp on 21, 22, 28 & 29 April 2020 for students of parents working in the healthcare sector and for those who had made a contribution towards Covid-19 relief to giving.gov.sg. We would like to give thanks to those who worked hard in the frontline during this period. GATE will endeavour to take care of your kids…

CEO Charity Forum- 18 August 2019

On the 18th of August 2019, we held our biennial CEO Charity Forum event at the Nanyang Girls’ High School Auditorium.

Our students played hosts, lead a controversial panel discussion with corporate leaders, and some presented as “Grit Speakers” sharing their challenges and encouraging fellow students with their grit and passion.

Our charming preschoolers presented both skit and song items and we also honoured the top guns of the Australian Math Competition amongst our gifted students, from the multiple domains.

We raised a total of $18,800 in total ticket sales and art auction, donated to Nanyang CCC and Juying Secondary School to support the less privileged children.

Gifted kids get their own pre-school programmes- The Straits Time (Home) 25 September 2019

Our students at GATE Junior were featured by The Straits times on the gifted education programme at GATE Junior

“Most people assume that those with high IQ will do well in life. But actually there’s a risk of them performing less well than the average Joe because they’re demotivated in the wrong setting.” Mr Chng, GATE Chairman.

“Gifted education is not about hothousing; it’s a form of special education for children who need a different diet.” Ms Yu, GATE Managing Director.

“She asked a lot questions, and teachers didn’t have time to answer her, so she shut down and got bored easily. Now she’s excited to go to school every day, because learning is made fun and the curriculum is very board, from astronomy to Shakespeare to Bach.” Mr Sonny Panesar, parent of Akina, a 6 year old Mensa Junior member.

“His classmates are equally outspoken so they spur each other on.” Mr Wong, parent of Isaiah.


Gifted readers – born or made? – The Straits Time (Life) 10 March 2019

Our student at Gifted and Talented Education, Sashayna Vincent, was interviewed by The Straits Times on being an exceptional reader at only six years old.

“When Sashayna Vincent was 18 months old, she read out a Whats-App message that beeped on her mother’s mobile phone.”

“Now size, the kindergarten pupil is a voracious reader. She recently devoured a 64-page children’s version of Romeo and Juliet, the classic Shakespearean tale, in one night.”


Brilliant, but needs special attention – The Straits Time (Home) 10 May 2018

Our student at Gifted and Talented Education, Xavier Wong (10), was interviewed by The Straits Times on being gifted with special needs.

“Xavier can solve math problems meant for children two years older and is a member of high-IQ society Mensa. But he also has mild attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder  and used to be disruptive in class.”

“Most people have the misconception that gifted kids, given their high intellect, would not have any disability issues, and that they have no problems doing well in their studies. But this mentality may end up putting the child at a disadvantage.”

Interview with Motherhood (May Issue) on Gifted Children

Claudia Yu, founder of Gifted and Talented Education Centre says, “Technically, an IQ score above 130 in the SB-5 or WPPSI-IV/WISC-IV tests is considered as gifted.”
Yu brings up an important point for all parents to take note. She says, “The results or a single IQ score is just a snapshot of your child’s performance at a particular time and venue with a particular psychologist. In order to better understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, you should look at the verbal and non-verbal scores as well as each section of the test. During the review session with your psychologist, ask as many questions as possible to fully understand the results.

Is Every Gifted Child the Same? The answer is an unequivocal NO. Every child is different and while some children may have an exceptional ability in Math and numbers, others may manifest their giftedness in other ways. Yu agrees, “Our centre has kids who are extremely gifted in mathematical reasoning while weak at verbal comprehension. We also have children who are linguistically talented, but always scored last 10 per cent for math and children who have superior reading and comprehension ability, while finding it difficult to come out with a structured composition.”
Yu says, “In many countries, gifted children are grouped under special needs children. Just as the bottom 5 per cent needs special support, the top 5 per cent requires special education. Instead, explore programmes for gifted children. Most of the enrichment programmes or kindergartens curriculum are designed for kids within the standard deviation (the middle 80 per cent). You may need to explore the special programmes which are able to have an inclusive class for the gifted children.”

We adopt a “Growth Mindset” philosophy that intelligence can be further developed. We nurture students by improving their ability and mindset through a culture of grit.
We develop and deliver premier enrichment programmes in advanced mathematical reasoning, english language art, science critical-thinking skills, communication and leadership training programmes. Our alumni have achieved success in various areas, such as being the top scorers for international math & science competitions, winners of global writing competitions and recipients of prestigious scholarships.

Interview with Straits Times & Motherhood on Gifted Children for Pre-schoolers

“Gifted and Talented Education Centre, which has branches in Balestier and Bukit Timah and caters to high-ability students, started a programme for pre-schoolers in 2013. Co-founder Claudia Yu said parents sign up after discovering their children are “very advanced in areas like numbers or verbal comprehension”. “Parents start to ask for help and learning support so that children can be exposed to more things,” she said.

She warned that gifted children could become unmotivated and unwilling to learn later on if they do not receive guidance. Children at the centre learn more than phonics and the alphabet. They are trained in visual and spatial skills through tasks such as producing maths puzzles. They also learn about current affairs.”

He’s 2.5 years old but.. – The Straits Times (Home) 8 May 2015 

Elijah: 2.5 years old, youngest Mensa member Interview with Straits Times 8 May 2015.

“Next week, He will start a weekly class to develop his interest in maths at the Gifted and Talented Education Centre.”

Motherhood (2016 March Issue) – A Story about Gifted Pre-schoolers

Claudia Yu, founder of Gifted and Talented Education Centre says, “Giftedness can be demonstrated in many areas, academic, sports, art, music, or even spiritual.”

Gifted Children are able to focus their attention, maybe even hours at a time, on a single task, Yu elaborates, “They can focus on a task that they are interested in for a long duration but can get very impatient on the tasks they are less interested in. For example, they can spend hours building things out of building blocks, but are unable to sit still for more than five minutes working on math problems.”

However, according to Yu, it is not easy to ascertain giftedness at a young age. She says, “Some parents bring kids for IQ assessment. Based on our experience, IQ results may not be very accurate, especially for kids aged below nine. The best assessment is still the observation by experienced teachers-with experience in gifted education or received training in gifted education-over time.”

Yu recommends instilling a love of reading within the children and at the same time, staying away from too much multimedia exposure so that their creativity, imagination, and concentration levels are not eroded.

Motherhood (2016 April Issue) – Having a Gifted Child: Put to the Test

So what can you do if you think you have a gifted child? Claudia Yu, founder of Gifted and Talented Eduction Centre gives some advice, “Expose your child to a variety of reading materials. Reading is the key step to start self-learning, and most of the gifted children are proficient in self learning. You may explore also enrichment courses which are designed for advanced learners. Most of such courses will focus on conceptual level learning, with critical thinking skills integrated in depth within the lessons.”

Examples of group tests include the Mulitimensional Aptitude Battery (MAB), The Cognitive Abilities test (CogAT), and Scholoastic Assessment Tests (SAT). Yu elaborates further, “There are other tests to select academically gifted children, such as GATE programme (Gifted & Talented Education Programme) by American school, and GEP selection (Gifted Education Programme) by the Minstry Of Education Singapore. These are independent tests which are different from full IQ assessment reports Done by Psychologist.”