GEP Test Prep Camp

2nd Round GEP Mock Test and Review Camp

2nd Round GEP camp is the next step to help him/her in the upcoming GEP Round 2 (Selection Test) in October. This camp will expose your child to critical thinking and abstract reasoning exercises based on the GEP English Language and Mathematics papers.
  • Bonus 1: Critical reading exercises for English, Complex problem solving for Math
    Bonus 2: General ability questions exposure for both English and Math Mock Test (Headstart for 2nd round test)
  • Mock Test (20-Sept to 1-Oct): 2nd round GEP English and Math (3 hrs per paper)
  • Review Classes (8-Oct and 15 Oct) 9:00am – 12:00 noon (6 hrs)

Fees (for total 12 hours):
Non GATE students: $1100/ before GST
GATE students will enjoy 30% discount, $770/ before GST
Venue: Bukit Timah Plaza/ Katong V Mall

Call/ WhatsApp:
9667 0642 / 9278 3343
Email: enquiry@gifted-school.com