Talks & Events

GEP DSA Webinar

Gain insights on GEP test and DSA election.

Over the past 8 years, many GATE Alumni have achieved success at DSA to their dream IP schools, mainly RI, HCI, RGS, NYGH, NUSH. During our online GEP DSA talk, our directors will address the following:

All about GEP

  • New direction for GEP
  • IQ 130 as pre-requisite for GEP?
  • GEP Math = Olympiad Math?
  • Can Giftedness be trained?

All about DSA

  • DSA via English, Science, and leadership
  • A level or IB? IP or O level? Which school system is suitable for my child?
  • How do IP schools assess candidates? School results is more important than achievement in competitions?
  • Why was national top ranking Math Olympiad DSA candidate rejected by the top schools?


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